cometsan’s blog

it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.


i suppose happiness have skipped me too


what am i, 3 meter long person?


The bigger you are, the less stressful you are...according to math too.
Just like tiny cats being afraid...just like many things.


just like


a god.

The killcount is so high,

I think it can even mutilate heaven itself.

But says, dont make too much "perhitungan"
i guess

the god on heaven above, is so spoiled.

worshipped to kill and banish everything.
And healing, so little amount of people.

well i dont care of this world anyway

there's nothing to enjoy


people just slap and get angry


maybe that's my goddamn curse too


play funnies


i can do it all myself.


i have to anyway


life has been quite impatience with me anyway.

what do i care of an impatient life.


all schools and angry people.


when they burn 

they burn


and the devils follow the angry crazies


everyone is angry crazies


i have no gods



too angry for me


too cruel


too fucking retarded



no way to calm this soul

changing sites again?

It s kinda hard to access here



And if muhammad and jesus can multiply food and water and wine



Or buddha or etc



Why not multiply time and space to save us



Oh wait


It likes to trial things


Guess being crushed and mutilated is not holy business.



But then... we ve seen religion dies by its own people. Here s the vengeance for the unjustly judged. Because youve spoiled these gods too long.


Like kings and queens...but not handicaps and retards.