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it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

another time

is a planet of 0 kills, 0 lust, 0 conflicts but i guess that's impossible even for a god

oh well.

Found it goodbye World Blog Haha Maybe retire somewhere I guess. I am not cool Weird And unskilled Haha This world is too Vile

thank god

For making this world that is full of mutilation and decapitation only to worship you But i guess the devil itself made you.

normal is not love too

Oh well.

at best and worst

Society will ruin itself As it always have Common sense or whatnot The trend is dying already. We are all just selling merchandises. But intelligence are not one of it.


Oh boy We got not magic anymore

ah well

Normal does not equal to good.

i forgot....

Anything but my visual learning is terrible

i suppose

Theres no need to break standards anyway The language of life itself has not been kinder to me but rather a crazy ass society Saraba soon an alternate reality

A planet that is kinder and safer and softer I d be more successful and kinder too


i suppose happiness have skipped me too what am i, 3 meter long person? The bigger you are, the less stressful you are...according to math too.Just like tiny cats being afraid...just like many things. just like a god.The killcount is so hi…

well i dont care of this world anyway

there's nothing to enjoy people just slap and get angry maybe that's my goddamn curse too play funnies i can do it all myself. i have to anyway life has been quite impatience with me anyway. what do i care of an impatient life. all schools…

but then

Burung burung yang kecil Dikasihi tuhan Terlebih dirimu Dikasihi tuhan Dan tuhan pun menyapu burung burung di langit...dan diberi makan kepada bangsa israel yang kelaparan. The end.

changing sites again?

It s kinda hard to access here And if muhammad and jesus can multiply food and water and wine Or buddha or etc Why not multiply time and space to save us Oh wait It likes to trial things Guess being crushed and mutilated is not holy busine…


i really dislike tama dense and unrelatable and it seems he likes everyone and everything touching everyone and everything i guess this is a shit world. especially when he does it to the girl i like ahaha but i guess, you knew that already…


humanity itself is shit..


Not that many people remember bruno mars either All time But scoring a few million likes Is just Food. Food for the soul. It s like religion.

so i heard

No one is reading. Maybe i should buy pageviws and companh like people buy prostitutes? Hahaha Nothing And nobody Not popular and not important basically. Totally fine I mean.... God s best solution to stop masturbation is... by sunat(what…

there is also another sin

It s called.... Being ugly And humanity changes religion like clothings. From time to time. That is how we loved. Since and since. But never truly is. Only the technique remains.



dramatix troll detected, initiating meme review

That goes both ways.

shingeki no ultraman

The hangry protecta of earth. Because protecting humans are boring too. Anyone down? Nope its just a joke. Divine comedy lol Yadayada

been a while. acrylic on ultraman

Job well done since i have never painted any figures in my life. Also looked menacing and psychotic. Fun.

lcolouring my ultraman with perm marker

Pretty good. Bow wow. Nice permanent marker and there goes my ultraman shokugan shodo....whoever this ultraman is..

and the house cleaner

Totally didnt hear me saying dont clean my room. Thats the quality you get in indonesia Maybe they really do better as politicians and corruptors.

gunpla parts???

In a perfect world SOMEONE would come and move the table around and give us all infinite space for infinite gunplas. Bleh Meanwhile how do you makeup logics for gunplas design? And dad is playing pingpong in the house as if drawing fast ha…

man im tireddd

I wanna mold gunpla alreadyyy And nubmarks.. How are gundams assembled anyway? Dont they just plug it like gunplas? Not weld it like psychopaths right? Lel.


I wonder if the 1/220 byarlant will worth more as a template than a gunpla on its own. Eh. What am i. Muhammad definitely needs 10 more wife. Just like humanity needs more population than dealing with one person. Without evolution...theyll…

note to self

Arirang s fried noodle thing? Not for me. The noodle is fat indeed. With all those thick sweet soy... It s an overkill compared to the usual indomie fried noodle Quite ex too Not my quality. I keep forgetting that because the memory got ju…


Maybe i should learn the sculpt? Haha I heard NAFA wasnt for me Turns out it was right. They got some way too dangerous of tools there. Well. What am i...FINE? Pfft. Just gun-pla addicted psycho Going nuts when things dont work out And no …