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it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

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dramatix troll detected, initiating meme review

That goes both ways.

shingeki no ultraman

The hangry protecta of earth. Because protecting humans are boring too. Anyone down? Nope its just a joke. Divine comedy lol Yadayada

been a while. acrylic on ultraman

Job well done since i have never painted any figures in my life. Also looked menacing and psychotic. Fun.

lcolouring my ultraman with perm marker

Pretty good. Bow wow. Nice permanent marker and there goes my ultraman shokugan shodo....whoever this ultraman is..

and the house cleaner

Totally didnt hear me saying dont clean my room. Thats the quality you get in indonesia Maybe they really do better as politicians and corruptors.

gunpla parts???

In a perfect world SOMEONE would come and move the table around and give us all infinite space for infinite gunplas. Bleh Meanwhile how do you makeup logics for gunplas design? And dad is playing pingpong in the house as if drawing fast ha…

man im tireddd

I wanna mold gunpla alreadyyy And nubmarks.. How are gundams assembled anyway? Dont they just plug it like gunplas? Not weld it like psychopaths right? Lel.


I wonder if the 1/220 byarlant will worth more as a template than a gunpla on its own. Eh. What am i. Muhammad definitely needs 10 more wife. Just like humanity needs more population than dealing with one person. Without evolution...theyll…

note to self

Arirang s fried noodle thing? Not for me. The noodle is fat indeed. With all those thick sweet soy... It s an overkill compared to the usual indomie fried noodle Quite ex too Not my quality. I keep forgetting that because the memory got ju…


Maybe i should learn the sculpt? Haha I heard NAFA wasnt for me Turns out it was right. They got some way too dangerous of tools there. Well. What am i...FINE? Pfft. Just gun-pla addicted psycho Going nuts when things dont work out And no …

....why byarlant

The old byarland looks more zakuish Crazy awesome. And touching all these make me at ease...of all the toys i will never buy anyway in this reality What am i? Fireproof?

i heard back then

That it is the blind one's fault for not being able to see the...light. Guess it is not anyones fault That hell is visible for everyone. But who cares. Love is blind Love for self Love for god Loves Blind peoples. Your fault.