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it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

....why byarlant

The old byarland looks more zakuish Crazy awesome. And touching all these make me at ease...of all the toys i will never buy anyway in this reality What am i? Fireproof?

i heard back then

That it is the blind one's fault for not being able to see the...light. Guess it is not anyones fault That hell is visible for everyone. But who cares. Love is blind Love for self Love for god Loves Blind peoples. Your fault.


Stay young. The some other one can expire for all i care.


Damage control? Who got that much of pre empetive thinking??? God?

shu up

My job is the best I just stay angry Its like Being hulk Without cgi No mocap No facepaint Just stay annoyed Wait thats everyone s job. Lol Who faked the best smile again? Ur mom? Theres definitely a class for that. It s like.... Swimming.


Maybe she clawed his eyes out for me too. If that so. Thatll be heaven already. No wonder tons of gods wanna be here. Intruders. Looking for worsheeps. It s fun. All the work done for me. I can leave already. The owens can stay here...rott…

Do the sheep Pick each other When the wolves come They do pick on each others.. Like the wolves without a hunt. Shhhh When u wake up Ill be eating you Like all the good sheep And the good wolves Tastes like Sunday everyday


Going away is gonna be so fun I forgot this is another dumphole Cuz someone is abit of psycho. As usual. And slow. And fiery. Or maybe thats why it s fiery. To lit a smog. Trololol But then. No big deal. They might just torture me here now…


From worse to worst. I guess i got no business in this life. Just die-vorce. You all are so tough already.

i eat children for living

And then jesus came and genocide us So we can eat goats


guess i am forwver part of the crazy retarded species The mentally advanced species of murder and torture Oh wow. Cant wait to die and leave all this....smarts. Lol. I wonder how ill die? Beheaded? Hanged? Mutilated? All the classical thin…


Well. It s not like i can know who feels what or do what Humanity is not allowed to connect anyway. To...telepathically connect and bond. Nope. Not low enough. We only have words. Some people are just...fated to be in that religion. That s…

oh ywah wrong planet

Totally I mean. It s kinda bad. The species too arent doing too well Super grateful i cant do anything life changing obviously... not even enabled to do so. Haha It s collosal. All i can...wait. i cant do shit. Lol. Not even smarts or char…


Just because it can be enabled Doesnt mean it has to be enabled But i guess someone had

too poor

Cannot fucking afford a goddamn heaven where thiefs and liars dont exist there. Heaven is made by hackers and info dealers Wtf. Hahaha Always hurt But who cares. Even the ant dies. And i am no more than an ant. God is so fucking inconsiste…


h yea it hurts twice now i really dont feel like getting that shodo Ai stand anymore

....not drugs but figurines

ytfit hurtsit's like this imagewtf gunpla addiction soon? because consumerism tells us to buy it all. from sanity to heav- i mean...haven. hafvun. horfun. havvvrabi. gunplas.

this all hurts wtf is going on…

wow. this hurts


you think?

it takes 10 wife to calm a dicc

especially if you are a prophet the stress is too high so you need to be an ass to several things at the same time you also possess multiple tentacles so you can do multiple things at the same time oh well. this is not even a good topicc

how to own a driving license in indonesia?

easy step 1. win who wants to be a billionaire. it's billionaire with a b. not m.step 2. go to the government, ask for a license. pay all your prize money. take the license. car not includedstep 3. get out. run over someone's garden branch…

my guiness record in weeaboo country

Wtf am i, crazy? U crazy. I not Gtfo I dont take guest to you fucker Youll ruin my mojo And this is a terrible waste of kneaded sculpt. What am i, creative? Jesus motherfuking christ. I am your goddamn saviour...even if you rape kill and m…

never knew that bandai employ psychopath Such a sturdy figure with stickers and fancy coloring But no stands. Not even on the leg. The designer is a pure psychopath. I think it eats its own design. Espe…

i got my lightning z gundam

Minus the wing i guess I buy figures cuz i lack imagination And everyone wanna kill me for that Oh well.


Your teacher dont even give nice print outs. Mostly typed shittily And they cost more than a manga page. Wtf.

and truly

Money is nothing compared to the friendship of the poor people here They can mutilate the president and get away cleanly. And i got only a driving skill. I am so rich i can go to hell and still be the poorest there. Lol. This is what the g…

took quite a while for humanity

Hahaha Save the world? Biodegradable Hahaha An otter build a dam faster than a god does. What an irony. Sorry Jesus only cleanse your sins. Now you can do it all over again. And muhammad? What is that. Got dollwives. Cuz one is never enoug…

just stay here

In this reality of yours. Maybe itll follow you to your heavens.


No involve wih hongkong china anoymor If involve it can explod Like infernal affers Like god Everyone denies their own rule. Otherwise it is not a sin to greed lust glutton wrath envy sloth or pride Or whatever la