cometsan’s blog

it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

gunpla parts???

In a perfect world SOMEONE would come and move the table around and give us all infinite space for infinite gunplas.




Meanwhile how do you makeup logics for gunplas design?


And dad is playing pingpong in the house as if drawing fast has anything to do with pingpong 



The sound drives me nuts.


Oh well 


Each to their own problems in life.



...and i really cant concentrate on how to make a kit with all these voices. Ah boi...will my children..if any...become the same psych0s like he is?


And i am just abit too deep on gunplas.






We are all nerds and jocks of our own items...

And books are just another sport.


Friendships and families are just like sport clubs... player simply move around for rewards in relationship.



Are they bought?


Or just bour-ed.