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it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

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well i dont care of this world anyway

there's nothing to enjoy people just slap and get angry maybe that's my goddamn curse too play funnies i can do it all myself. i have to anyway life has been quite impatience with me anyway. what do i care of an impatient life. all schools…

but then

Burung burung yang kecil Dikasihi tuhan Terlebih dirimu Dikasihi tuhan Dan tuhan pun menyapu burung burung di langit...dan diberi makan kepada bangsa israel yang kelaparan. The end.

changing sites again?

It s kinda hard to access here And if muhammad and jesus can multiply food and water and wine Or buddha or etc Why not multiply time and space to save us Oh wait It likes to trial things Guess being crushed and mutilated is not holy busine…


i really dislike tama dense and unrelatable and it seems he likes everyone and everything touching everyone and everything i guess this is a shit world. especially when he does it to the girl i like ahaha but i guess, you knew that already…