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it's komet, for komat kamit. so komat and kamit married and their kid is named komet.

note to self

Arirang s fried noodle thing?


Not for me.


The noodle is fat indeed.

With all those thick sweet soy...



It s an overkill compared to the usual indomie fried noodle



Quite ex too


Not my quality.


I keep forgetting that because the memory got jumbled with the ramyun.


Oh sorry.

I also have bad memory and no one is training that. Not school. Not G- i mean. Stuffs.


School is really the memory test place right?



Not really the place to educate you

You can do that way better in library or your own house...there s more time there.



It s all just for the cert.



Then parents guilt you for being asocial. 


Classical stuff.




But then...

Maybe...the holy book is writtwn by the cannibal survival of humanity. So full of hatred. Anger... and inconsistency.


Guess it doesnt take much to become a god.





I shouldve helped my friends.


But then...

What am




And i heard that...

Software Game data management and system is like...